How to name all the unnamable that’s hidden
in what remains and lingers
behind another behind.

Montserrat Rodés—d’Incertes Certeses

/mu:n/ Is a collection of images I gathered over the years during my trips rambling around Europe, The North of Africa and Southern Caucasus. Images that removed from their original locations, conform an imagined geography sitting beyond the maps. A place between a graspable reality and what clots within us defiant, yet unseizable.
Travelling was for me a way of escaping from the everyday. To live in my own terms. Learning how to know myself and others deeply, and to appreciate the small epiphanies of everyday living again. Yet after all these years of discovery and growth, I could’t stop feeling there was something more about myself that I couldn’t point at or give a name to. A sort of unshaped dolour that was as much a curse as it was a drive that allowed me to live intensely.

These images try to hint this concealed world we carry within us, through a poetic rendering of a female presence that inhabits a geography of strange forces, scattered with remnants of temples and raw mysticism.

Ever-changing, the Moon appears as a metaphor for everything we perceive yet we can’t completely understand, as a primal vowel for a lexicon of shapeless words to name what remains and lingers, behind another behind.

Given the current global struggle, this project inevitably turned into a comment on the complexity and yearnings that lay beyond the limits of our lockdowns ―a remembrance of the graceful days lived at the verge of a changing world.