Com anomenar tot allò innominable que s’amaga
en el que queda i perviu
darrera d’un altre radera

Montserrat Rodés—d’Incertes Certeses

/mu:n/ results from a collection of images of years spent traveling around Europe, North
Africa and Southern Caucasus.

Abstracted from their original context and locations, these images transcend the physical connection with the land they belong to, becoming an imagined and intimate geography, a hidden map leading nowhere and trapping the viewer into the pursuit of something that can’t be mentioned or seen.

/mu:n/ traces the boundaries of a suspended layer trapped between reality and its semantic segment; a dimension made of fleeting and strange forces, and mysticism.

Like an handhold, a point of intersection, the moon becomes metaphor of something
we perceive but we can’t fully understand, “as a primal vowel for a lexicon of shapeless words to name what remains and lingers, behind another behind”.